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Products and Services

JIC Bank provides its customers the following financial products and services.

Personal Banking

Open a personal account with JIC Bank and additional receive benefits. JIB Bank offers demand deposit accounts, time deposit accounts and so much more.

Corporate Banking

JIC Bank is ideally suited to provide business banking service to small-to-medium sized businesses who are presently seeking to diversify their retained earnings. These companies require efficient services, especially for international remittances and access to cost effective US dollar transactional accounts for corporate profits.

International Transactional Services

This includes the ability to accept deposits and send transfers in a variety of major currencies. Initially the bank will offer its clients the opportunity to hold accounts in US Dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, etc.

Services - Business Lines

Debit Cards

Debit cards will be offered by JIC Bank to its customers.

Custody of Assets

With the special permission of OCIF (Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions) under Act 273 Section 12(a) (12), the IFE will provide custody services to its clients.

Custody services will include settlement, safekeeping, and reporting of customers’ marketable securities and cash. The IFE will provide custody services to clients introduced by related companies and partner companies.

Wealth Management

The IFE shall provide asset management services. In performing its wealth management activity, JIC shall provide discretionary and non-discretionary services. The latter will be fully personalized, and each
portfolio will be structured to meet the needs of the specific client. Therefore, each client will be profiled according to risk and return objectives.