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Corporate Accounts

As a customer of JIC Bank you can hold multiple accounts. Streamline your accounts and take control of your deposits, payments, corporate account, and budgets on JIC’s unified platform. Multiple users, multiple approvers, and custom limits.

Keep your finances simple, organized, and secure with our corporate online banking platform and eStatements. JIC Bank corporate online banking platform is a comprehensive online banking platform that supports businesses small and large.

From your desktop or mobile device, you can review business account activity, manage incoming and outgoing payments, customize alerts, review reports, and more!
Demand deposit accounts allow your company to access funds easily. By opening a demand deposit account, you will have the advantage of online transactions at competitive rates in multiple currencies.

Time deposit account is a great way to reach your financial business goals by saving money over time. A time deposit account provides a safe place to put corporate funds that you don’t need right away. It may accure interest and can help you save money for a specific goal. Real-time account balances & transaction activity

Account Opening Procedure

Step one:

Contact Account Manager

Step two:

Submit account opening documents and open account offline

Step three:

Account Opening Review by the Bank

Step Four:

Make first deposit to activate the account