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Is JIC Bank secure and regulated?

Cyberbank Compliance Licensing and Regulation
Compliance system on the go with latest financial technology Headquartered in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Know your customer (kyc) data collection input by the customer.
Automated onboarding, AML/BSA screening and transaction monitoring.
Data Security controls with industry standard data security of PCI Compliance.
JIC Bank is a supervised international financial entity (“IFE”) licensed under Act 273 by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of Puerto Rico (“OCIF”). Even though IFEs are generally not FDIC insured, our regulators model FDIC standards.
Subject to compliance standards under Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), U.S. Patriot Act, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC), and other international regulations

Legacy banking today is becoming a thing of the past. Electronic transfer of funds is the future at your fingertips through JIC Bank.

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JIC Bank combines the safety and soundness of legacy banking with the latest technology, client-focus, speed and efficiency of a financial services company to provide the client with the best service. JIC Bank recently paired with Technisys as its core. Technisys Cyberbank provides exceptional digital experiences for over 100 million banking customers in 16 countries. JIC Bank is designing its platform with the very best technology integrated supporting our core infrastructure and digital interfaces. We have partnered with industry leaders in banking software to bring you a premium experience, service, and security.